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Residual current protection



Residual current protection


NF C 15-100

All circuits in the installation must be protected by 30 mA residual current devices.


Area within the permises AC type   A type
35 m² 1 x 25 A + 1 x 40 A
Between 35 and 100 m² 2 x 40 A + 1 x 40 A
100 m² 3 x 40 A + 1 x 40 A

If there is electric heating with a power greater than 8 kVA (area greater than 100 m2), replace a 40 A AC type RCCB with a 63 A AC type. Use of the A type RCCB becomes mandatory because some equipment such as washing machines and induction hobs incorporates electronic components (for variation of speed or induction) that can create "DC or AC component" type faults that the A type can detect. It is mandatory to protect specialised cooker/hob and washing machine circuits with the A type RCCB.


Legrand recommends

For freezers and computer equipment, Legrand recommends a dedicated circuit protected by an Hpi type RCCB* which can detect "DC and AC component" type faults and also avoid false tripping

* RCCB combined with a fuse-carrier or circuit breaker

For more information on the Hpi type