LCS² Copper

A complete system up to 10 Gbits/s



LCS³ connector - Installation performance


1. Insert the cable in the rear opening

Ensure markings are visible as per EIA/TIA code. Accepts all cables currently available on the market: U/UTP, F/UTP and SF/UTP.

2. Separate and insert the strands

They are automatically spread 13 mm, no need to measure.

3. Attach the upper part of the connector

The tamperproof insert provides ease of movement.

4. Turn to secure the connection

Turn to flatten the strands simultaneously. Then cut them and the connector is ready for use!

  • Video presentation

LCS² patch panels – High maintenance and implementation performance

The patch panels receive the RJ 45 connectors (automatic earth connection between RJ 45 connectors and the patch panel). The block assembly system for RJ 45 connectors enables you to associate all different types of cables and functions on the same panel. It is possible, for example, to mix trays, fibre optic / copper converters, PoE injectors, RJ 45, telephone blocks, etc. The panels can therefore house copper structured cabling and fibre optic structured cabling on the same support. Supplied with captive screws and cage nuts.

  • Cables held in place with cable guides, individual unclipping of LCS² connectors from the front panel.

The innovative quick-fixing system provides rapid, universal mounting of the patch panel. This system provides an automatic earth connection for the panel with the LCS² rack.

  • Panels offer quick-fixing systemUniversal mounting in any racks or cabinets.

Legrand patch cords – Consistency and performance

Individually tested cords

Legrand patch cords ensure high-quality continuity in a cabling system, as do other components. Legrand therefore pays the same attention to the quality of its range of RJ 45 patch cords, which are certified by the 3P laboratory as standards-compliant. See catalogue.

Tests on all parameters

Legrand cords are individually tested, both for continuity and transmission performance.
All parameters are measured: CR, ACR, NEXT, Return loss, Attenuation, etc. Cords not meeting the criteria are rejected. These tests guarantee end-to-end transmission performance for your system with both class D and class E equipment.

Universal cords

Available in Cat. 6A, Cat. 6 and Cat. 5e versions and in three cable types (U/UTP, F/UTP and SF/UTP). Legrand cords are available in different lengths, thus offering considerable flexibility of use.

  • Ensure high-quality continuity: perfect plug connection and transmission performanceAvailable in several colours.

Legrand patch cables – Consistency and performance

To ensure total coherence of its LCS² cat. 6A, cat. 6 and cat. 5e systems,Legrand offers a range of 4 twisted pair cables in the four types: U/UTP, F/UTP, S/FTP, SF/UTP.

  • Legrand cat.6, F/UTP cable