The plus points of Plexo

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Rapid wiring

The new Plexo programme sockets are prewired.
They have automatic terminals. Combined with the flexibility of the modular unit, the prewiring and automatic terminals mean much easier wiring.
Installation time is therefore reduced.


    End caps with piercable membrane

    Plexo boxes are equipped with sliding end caps for ease of wiring. These end caps can be pierced with no cut-out. They provide:

    - IP 55 protection for each type of input (cables or tubes)
    - Compensation for misalignment of the conductors.
    To insert cables, simply tap with a screwdriver.
    For tubes, pull the seal to tear the membrane.


      Reinforced weatherproof protection

      Across the whole Plexo programme, further weatherproof seals have been added to ensure IP 55 protection.
      The flush mounted range changes from its previous IP 44 to IP 55